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The Penguins Have Arrived!

The knitting pattern for Perceval and Peppy penguin is now availiable to purchase at my websites – Etsy:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/91739028/knitting-pdf-pattern-perceval-and-peppy?ref=ss_listing Folksy: http://folksy.com/items/2922870-Knitting-PDF-Pattern-Perceval-and-Peppy-Penguin-Cute-Penguin-Softies

The penguins follow Basil everywhere....

The Penguins ecounter

Have just finished knitting and writing up the pattern for Perceval and Peppy penguin and they have already had a close encounter with Basil!

Percival and Peppy Penguin

Have just finished knitting Percival penguin, Peppy (the baby) soon to follow with the pattern for both!

Percival penguin!

Looks like I’m entertaining myself now…

Left to my own devices

I see, typing up a knitting pattern is more important than me…

There she goes again – designing penguins now, apparently

Basil attempts to distract her from designing the next masterpiece!

The Hoot Family of Owls

The photo shoot was delayed by the invading cat, Basil strikes again!

The Hoot Family – without Basil’s involvement!

They are finally complete! The Hoot Family, meet Harold (the Dad) Hilary (the Mum) and Happy (the baby)!

The pattern is availiable to purchase at: Folksy: http://http://www.folksy.com/items/2855186-Knitting-PDF-Pattern-The-Hoot-Family-Cute-Owl-Softies

Etsy: http://http://www.etsy.com/listing/90457605/knitting-pdf-pattern-owl-softies-the?ref=ss_listing


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