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Frosty Mornings

Just wanted to share some of my early morning photos from the last week or so.  They feature The Hoot Family and The Chicks looking cute in the frost and, on one occasion, the snow!

Baby Hoot

Hilary Hoot


Harold Hoot


Little White Chick


Blue Chick


Baby Hoot


Snowman Baby Booties!

The Knitter has focussed her attention on all things Christmassy. As a result of this a pair of woolly snowman booties have appeared. I am certain that they will make good company this Christmas, however, I am upset that The Knitter could not provide me with a cat-sized version, my paws are getting a bit nippy…IMG_6893IMG_6888IMG_6907

You can┬ápurchase your copy of the pattern on any of The Knitters websites…Happy Knitting!

Basil experiences his first snow!

"Why is everything so white?!"

Snow is falling…

Perceval and Peppy feel right at home

Basil tracks the penguins down!

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